Gel or Regular Polish? Both?

I am currently of the mindset to only offer gel polish (UV cure) in the store, simply because it’s my preference. It’s easy to clean up and cure, has no drying time, and it lasts longer. For my life, ease of use and no dry time are the big selling points.

There is some initial upfront cost, such as the polish itself, a UV/LED light, and a few other supplies that most nail polish enthusiasts will likely already have on hand. Gel polish is also more expensive and takes longer to remove (soak off). Others have told me there’s a bit of a learning curve, but I have found it just as easy if not easier to apply than regular polish.

However, I want your opinion. Gel polish samples are already on the way from my distributors, and I am still in decision mode about the brands I want to offer. Your opinions on that are also welcome.

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