Well, here we are again

Another year, another post about whether I should continue to (attempt to) blog. I clearly haven’t in almost a year, but my goal for this year is to pick a project I like that I can maintain interest in for more than a few months. Unfortunately, my brain gets obsessed with one thing for a few months and I focus on it at the expense of my other hobbies.

Now that I have a decent collection of LED/UV gel polish, I think I’m going to focus on that applied over my natural, shorter nails. That’s not to say that I won’t do a longer nail or an extension for a special occasion, but I really don’t like long nails for myself. They get in my way and I can’t get used to typing with them no matter how hard I try.

I also am not an expert at applying polish, so my execution is not going to be flawless. Ever. I’ve been using nail polish for 30 years and I still can’t get it just right most of the time. That’s also something I can work on.

I can’t make any promises, other than I’m going to try to make this place fun and post more content. Hope to see you again soon!

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